Fa(s)t Data (English)

At Captain Dash we encounter different types of projects around information. Some projects are clearly Big Data oriented. However, the vast majority of projects are not about Big Data, but ... Fast Data.

Clients do not want more information. They want information quickly, simply and available any time. The decision-maker has need of it on his tablet, as the data is required to make many decisions every day. I'm en route for an appointment and have to check a hunch. I need only refer to the sales figures crossed with investment in advertising. It is 21h; tomorrow I will be the steering meeting for the marketing team. Can I check if the traffic of the website and the SEO are correctly aligned?

The company becomes addicted to information, and that's a good thing. Policymakers want first, the information feedback, then, some want to see the new problems, and finally, very few want to see the problems of Big Data projects.

We like Big Data, but we love still more the idea of Fast Data. Simple, business oriented, helpful and above all ... smart.

And here is the secret: not everybody is necessarily a Data Scientist.

People are experts in the spheres they work in on a daily basis. At Captain dash, we have observed that our clients are smarter than any algorithm in general. And that's good. The job of Captain Dash is not to take decisions for you. Rather, we work by using visual indicators to aid you in taking fast, informed decisions.

Fast Data Captain Dash

This philosophy has had a profound impact on our developments. When we started, like everyone else, our intention was to walk down the Apache Hadoop path. But, we returned to simpler solutions. Our first weapon of choice was tablets (iOS and Android) because our clients are nomads. The second, was to create a very powerful display library, which crushes the competition. Finally, a choice of architecture around the idea of micro-services with Scala, Akka and Play2. We killed the complexity to go to simple systems, robust and easy to implement.

CaptainDash has chosen a SaaS solution and remains loyal to this approach. Security levels of Amazon Web Services go beyond the most shares of current levels of DSI. Where confidentiality is concerned, we prefer to rely on a global leader, with a set of recognized certifications, to a proprietary system. As for the economic angle, it is customizable based on our customers’ needs. This approach offers a competitive solution, focused on the restitution and uploading of data, over that of a traditional publisher.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" is a quote from Antoine Lavoisier that applies pretty well to the idea of upgrading existing software in your information system. When we work with our customers, we listen. This requires an involvement of and guidance from our project managers. Our project management methodology allows us to take the existing, and integrate it into our services, without questioning the technological choices of our customers.

Our technical vision can be expressed in one word: simplicity. You do not have to "learn to use software" or ask a consultant to create a dashboard. Your data belongs to you, there are simple solutions, and we are here to answer them.

Big Data is good, Fast Data is better.


Written By: Nicolas Martignole Nicolas Martignole is the Lead Developer at Captaindash. He was previously the Lead Architect at Zaptravel. He’s also the creator and co-organizer of Devoxx France, one of the biggest conferences for Java and web developers in Paris.  You can reach him on Twitter on @nmartignole.