5 tips to best use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest is the one place on the web to spot, collect and share visual content. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of the platform:


1.     Create your own boards: Free up your creative mind and consider your boards as albums that visually showcase your product categories or your business interests. Keep each album clean, well organized and as much as possible good looking. Pay attention to fonts and graphics. Remember: Pinterest is all about visual experience.

2.     Start pinning: Pins are what you find visually relevant on other people’s boards. It is also what you want others to pin from you. Allow your website visitor’s to pin your content and share it on their own boards. Use Rich Pins to add additional information such as pricing, availability, etc on your products and services pins.

3.     Engage with your audience: Reply to comments and questions that are posted on your boards. Post your own comments. Leverage the platform to create a community not just content.


4.     Don’t forget reciprocation: Don’t just pin things on your board and wait for miracles. Follow people you think embody your brand identity, engage with them and talk the language of the people who are a part of your community.

5. Data, data, data: Start with the data you can get off your pins to figure out which ones are most successful and start adjusting and optimizing your pins. Next, share your statistics and information with the help of data viz.


Happy Pinning!

Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the Content Manager at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .