Beacons : What are They & Their Potential for Marketing

Imagine a world where you can push content and information to consumers’ mobile devices based their proximity to your product/store. Welcome to the world of beacons!

Beacons are small transmitters that connect to devices on location via blue tooth and are proving to be a formidable marketing tool. By the end of 2016 it is predicted that 85% of the major retailers in the US will be using them. So, how exactly can they be deployed for push marketing in an effective manner?


Since these devices connect to consumers through Bluetooth the most important thing is to seek permission to access said devices. Privacy being of paramount concern, consumers need to understand what information will be accessed and for what it will be used. This way, creating trust can create value.

For a consumer to readily give access to their devices they need to see the value in your proposition. Most times brands promote schemes to their own benefit. Thus, the value needs to be beyond just discount coupons – customers today are smarter than that. For example, interactive maps of the shop floor can be offered to the walk-ins through the use of beacons.

Another great application of beacons is improved customer service. Brands like Urban Outfitters are using them to alert employees on the shop floor about loyal customers and their preferences to create a better shopping experience.

Beacons are also a way to discreetly get real time feedback from the customer while they are still in the store. Though one needs to be careful with this one as it can be an irritating tactic if not handled with delicacy.

And last but not the least is to take it out of the store. Nivea for example has rolled out child tracking bracelets, which connected, to an app warn parents if a child strays too far. This creates a pure value for the customer.

As more and more devices equipped with Bluetooth are rolled out beacons will only gain popularity. It can provide a great way to extend reach to your consumer base and in the coming years the brands that will win will be the ones who get innovative with their use of such technologies.

Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the Content Manager at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .