How to Take Advantage of Timing on Twitter

Using twitter for business is as commonplace today as email marketing and while there are several guidelines about tweeting for business it has been found that the time you post for your business can affect the engagement rate on your account as well.


Overall, posting on the weekends as opposed to not posting increases the engagement rate of your account by around 17% overall. It also helps to post more between 8 am and 7 pm of your target market everyday as opposed to just about any time of the day. Even in this time period it has been found that early afternoon - 1:00 to 3:00 PM has the highest traffic and engagement rates.


Another factor that has an affect on engagement is exactly which part of an hour we post at. It is advisable to post either on the hour or at the half point of an hour since people usually end their meetings or classes at these times and tend to check their twitter before the next thing on their schedule.

Of course, at the end you do need to analyze your previous tweets to see which times and days seem to work the best for you.


Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the Content Manager at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .