Using Hashtags in Marketing


#Hastags have fully integrated in the way we communicate online. Used appropriately, they can actually drive significant attention to your business. Here is a quick guide of where and how to use them:

Twitter: initiated the hashtag revolution! Used in almost every single tweet, hashtags can be followed, clicked, searched and analyzed. From a best practices point of view it is advisable not to use more than 2 per tweet.

Instagram: is one of the most hashtag friendly platforms because Instagram runs primarily on hashtag based search. Use Instagram, hashtag your content to be visible and create marketing campaigns using them.

Tumblr: Hashtags have a very unique usage in Tumblr. They can be separated by a space and are called tags. Tumblr adds a hashtag on to the word or phrase after you type it and even suggests tags for you to use. Tumblr like Instagram uses hashtags in a very big way and they can be employed for gaining popularity. Here any number of relevant hashtags work.

Google+: Much more hashtag friendly than FaceBook, Google+ not only displays results by hashtag search but also suggests hashtags for your posts through auto fill. Another advantage of Google+ is that the results show up on Google searches.

FaceBook: Brands primarily use hashtags on FaceBook since they are trackable and the Facebook feed is easily linked to other hashtag friendly platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The best practice is to use not more that 2 or 3 hashtags per post.

Pinterest: Use hashtags for descriptions. You can follow hashtags and use them  to tie in posts that may exist on separate boards. Hashtags on Pinterest can be used to create a campaign though be careful to not over use them since hashtags are still just rising in popularity here.

YouTube: While hashtags do turn up in results on YouTube and hashtagged material ranks higher it is not a very popular thing on YouTube. Most people do not search for videos through hashtags. It is advisable to use one or two hashtags in combination with other more hashtag relevant platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

LinkedIn: After experimenting with hashtags for a while LinkedIn abandoned them in 2013. While hashtags of key words still get back results it is still considered bad form and unprofessional to use hashtags on this platform.

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Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the Content Manager at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .