To Create or To Curate – The Content Marketing Dilemma

Content is king and there is a case each to be made for curation and creation of content alike.

Content creation gives a voice to the brand; an ability to create a unique universe tailor made for a given audience. Consumers return to you for a perspective that only you can provide. The biggest upside, of course, is the fact that you own the content; you get to establish the brand as a knowledge provider. The negative? Original content is hard to create on a constant basis and can become very monotonous and one sided.

Curating content on the other hand is very easily available and makes for regularity in posting online. There is also the social aspect to consider. Curated content provides different points of view and makes for further social engagement; which is the ultimate goal of social platforms. Engaging your audience in the correct way leads to them creating content for you – that makes for the ultimate curated content. The flip side is that the voice is not uniquely yours and you might inadvertently end up driving your viewers towards competition.

Clearly it is the mix of the two that wins ultimately. But, what mix? How do you know which one to do more of?

It has been observed that companies that are predominantly curators, that is, they post external content 75% of the time or more have very high click rates but a low conversion rate.


Companies that employ a balance of curation and creation with 50-75% curation tend to have lower click rates than pure curators but their conversion rates are significantly higher.


Finally, companies that are predominantly creators with about 75% or higher created content have low click rates. Surprisingly though, their conversion rate does not rise relatively speaking.


From this data it is clear that a balance between the two is the most beneficial route. Although, in the end it depends entirely on the business you are in and the resources you have.

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Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the Content Manager at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .