4 Slideshare Posts About Micro Services In Practice

As mentioned earlier by us, Micro Services are the real revolution in the world of data. There are many big organizations using the Micro Services architecture out there; some which have been using it for as long as 3 to 5 years. In this post we share with you 4 slideshare posts that talk about the use of Micro Services by some of the bigger players out there:

1. Scaling Gilt: from monolith ruby app to Micro Service scala service architecture

This was a talk given by Gilt Lead Software Engineer Yoni Goldberg at the NYC Tech Talks' January 14, 2014 meetup at Gilt.

2. Nike's Journey into Micro Services

This presentation will discusses the journey Nike undertook to move to a completely 100 percent cloud native architecture and the decisions behind making it happen.

3. No Free Lunch, Indeed: Three Years of Micro-services at SoundCloud

In this talk the SoundCloud team share the toolkit and strategy SoundCloud uses to keep its micro-services explosion manageable.

4. MicroServices at Netflix - challenges of scale

Sudhir Tonse and Nitesh Kant discuss the challenges faced by Netflix while using Micro services at large scale.

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Written By: Meghna Verma