Driving your operational excellence to the top!

2016 is not very far away.It’s the perfect time to think about New Year's resolutions. What about driving your operational excellence to the top?

Operational excellence is a major element of organizational leadership.

It involves the application of a variety of principles, systems and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. But more than that, it is a continuous improvement journey, a philosophy, a culture, and data is its catalyst. Once the journey has been defined from mapping current and future stakes to creating the framework and execution plan, you need to identify which data can be quickly retrieved to track your efforts and help you generate performance.

This goal has two core principals: First, data and KPI’s need to be accessible everywhere and visible by everyone, this is what we call a Data Democratization! Second, measurement and data are here to track your efforts and alert you when strange events or wrong behaviors occur. We call this a Data Continuous Improvement.

When these two elements are reunited, we can then talk about operational excellence, offering to all your teams the real vision of your business. You can let them track what is good and what is wrong with only one purpose : to improve your business and efficiency.

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash