Data dashboards and microservices: same battle!

With microservices, complex applications are made of tiny independent programs where each one of them has a specific function and communicate with each other in a very modular and agile way. Just as with dashboards, all business approaches should have simple data where each data would have a specific role and be organized in a very agile way to help the stakes of the company.

Why is this comparison?

Because today, simplicity, modularity and precision are major stakes. Microservices are able to deliver on that and a new vision of dashboards must emerge.

A dashboard should be able to integrate any data. It should offer a simple and efficient view over the business, in real time and in a dynamic way. Its mission should be precise and its use should be easy to help decisions based on what the dashboard is showing. In other words, a dashboard should have the same philosophy microservices have!

At Captain Dash, we apply this philosophy to the dashboards we build for our clients. Our dashboards are simple, ergonomic and dedicated to offer an efficient vision of our clients’ business. Powerful, our dashboards transform the way our clients manage their business in a more efficient and dynamic way.

And of course, we use microservices to build our dashboards…

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Written by: Bruno Walther, CEO & Co-founder of Captain Dash