A customer vision yes, with the right dashboard, it’s better!

A customer relationship requires to not only follow your client, but to also interact in a smarter way with him, this is undeniable. Once that promise is met, a clear and useful vision needs to be made in order to understand the customer’s journey and its behavior with the brand in the long run. Then, the customer dashboard needs to simplify the customer experience by increasing the content and channels relevancy. That’s the only way to make this reinvented customer relationship a business tool.

A simple dashboard, not a simplistic one Simplicity is duty, it makes complex things easy to read and clear. It’s the same with a dashboard, its simplicity must serve customer data to bring the dashboard back to one of its essential functions: to inform.

An elegant dashboard, not a flashy one Elegance is respect, it helps make a difficult thing to manage more accessible. It’s the same idea with a dashboard, its elegance has to motivate the user to use it and optimize one of its purposes : to analyze.

A useful dashboard, not a static one Usefulness is action, it pushes to appreciate things and use them on the long run. A dashboard must be useful not only because it is its main function, but to also generate movement and decision making regarding actions to take related to customers. Its ultimate goal: to bring to action.

At Captain Dash, we are motivated by action, the one that anticipates and helps organizations to leverage their customer relationships into real business opportunities coming from satisfaction and loyalty. Our dashboards are made for that, they help to inform, analyze and bring to action. In one word, they help organizations to succeed!

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash