KPIs for Customer Experience

Customer Experience is not an easy thing to evaluate and it can be very challenging to identify which KPIs should be considered for that. The right vision in this process involves lots of insights such as those linked to transactions, satisfaction, service quality, opinion, traffic… Every single moment the customer has with the brand needs to be measured with the right focus.

When a customer is unhappy with a brand, studies say he shares 3 times more than when he’s happy!

KPIs that are connected with insights of satisfaction can be easily measured but the action doesn’t stop here. It needs to follow the customer’s interaction with the brand (likes or dislikes on social media, delivery issues, etc), evaluate the impact (positive or negative) and implement immediate actions (correcting mistakes or thanking the customer for example). Choosing KPIs that are relevant in this new paradigm made of instant gratification, permanent change and uncertainty, is a major challenge. KPIs have to be simple and in real-time, they need to be changed with agility if necessary.  

75% of customers are ready to leave a website and search for another one if content is not optimized!

Optimizing the way brands interact with customers is essential and relevant KPIs can help with that. Implementing KPIs especially chosen because they give the right vision of time interactions, responses quality or appreciation of new apps, etc, can be very useful and efficient in terms of customer experience. Customers are very demanding regarding the quality of websites, mobile apps and so on, and the only way to be aware and up to date is to have a good monitoring of all signals they give.

It takes 4 seconds for a customer to make its choice.

Relevant KPIs are a must-do but monitoring these KPIs is more than a must-do! It’s a question of survival, just because data is eveywhere and the only way to understand it, is to have the right dashboard at the right moment!

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash