Outside In Data Strategy

Let's get into the outside in data strategy

Outside in strategies are becoming one the most relevant ways of managing successfully a company. In what can be considered now as the old way of creating, producing and distributing a product, everything was designed inside the company to be then proposed to the outside market. The outside in purpose is to consider the customer first, but not only regarding its needs, but also its behaviors, attitudes, and moments he has with the brand. The customer is becoming now a kind of very complex entity that needs to be considered and most of all positively surprised. 

The question is how can we analyze and design products and services directly from the outside that represent the customer and its aspirations? 

Data is the key, but with the right way of collecting, analyzing and representing it for only one purpose : efficiency.

Data by its own is useless, it needs to be organized and illustrated in a way that generate decision and action inside the organization itself. The challenge is much bigger than it seems and the only way to succeed is to have agile and live views of the outside customers' world. Dashboards and data walls, when the are well conceived and designed are a real answer to that challenge. They leverage data from outside to give a perfect vision of what is happening and they serve a new way of managing a business and a real change in customer approaches and relationships.

And finally it brings the organization in a new era, the one where considering our changing world can become a real asset for success.