4 great videos to watch on Micro Services

1. Practice Considerations for Micro Services Architecture By Sam Newman, tech consultant @ ThoughtWorks

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A great talk on the practical aspects of the Micro Services architecture. Sam Newton talks about things you need to learn along with the challenges you can face and how to go about navigating your team through the implementation of such architecture. He talks about his own experiences and what he learnt from his own failures.

2. Services and Rails: The Shit They Don’t Tell You

By Brian Morton , software engineer @ Yammer

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Brian Morton from Yammer talks about how to build services and integrate them into rails. This talk looks into mistakes made, solutions that worked for Yammer, monitoring cost versus viability, teams and how Yammer has ben able to move quickly. Overall a comprehensive talk that is easy to follow even for non-engineers.

3. Microservices

By Martin Fowler, programmer @ ThoughtWorks

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A video by Martin Fowler has to be included in this list. This video discusses what are Micro Services, what they do, how they differ from monoliths and whether they are such a new concept after all or not. This is a basic, introductory talk on the subject by one of the people who has explored it in great depth. His blog is a great read too for someone interested in further information.

4. The Business Benefits of Micro Services

By Russ Miles, chief scientist @ Simplicity Itself

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A short, to the point video on how Micro Services can benefit a business beyond the dev team. This talk is for everyone whose company has invested in or is thinking of investing in a Micro Services architecture. It helps people who are the most removed from technology in an organization understand exactly how Micro Services can help a business compete and stay alive.

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Written By: Meghna Verma Meghna Verma is the CMO at Captain Dash.  You can reach her on Twitter @M3GV3RMa .