Faster, smarter, better: data for decisions and actions 

Decisions and actions are directly challenged by an absolute need: speed. Our world does not wait and every second counts. In the business world or in our everyday life with others, we need to act and make quick decisions in order to succeed. Data is in the heart of this phenomenon. It has a speed with no equals, which makes the decision making process more complex for companies.

We need to be faster but also smarter and more efficient, it’s a matter of survival.

Faster The data flow is constantly increasing. It is now a necessity to equip ourselves with solutions that are able to capture and master this data flow. This will help to analyze data in real time and make decisions based on this data. The goal is to make sense of this data, which is translated by taking actions. Data becomes then a real asset devoted to act faster simply because it is actually understood.

Smarter Understanding data and its essential role in a company’s life is key. It needs to be clear, with no silos and this, throughout the entire organization. The idea here is to make data available to everyone by giving them a smart understanding of the economic and general life of the company. By making it available to all, data with simple and efficient dashboards is putting the company under a positive and agile tension.

Better Being better serves efficiency and by being faster and smarter our organizations are on the best path to grow. Today, we constantly work on the move and in networks, that is why we need to be agile and pro-active. Steering our companies with the right KPIs is essential. KPIs give a true evaluation of actions and their impacts serving anticipation and progress.

Captain Dash’s value proposition is that and much more, so contact us now!

"The necessity for CEOs and their teams to implement a roadmap to anticipate their customers’ needs and to offer new services is essential. They no longer can slow down or have a “me too” strategy because of the risk it represents. Data and its transversal dashboard feed this need, they are the antidote for status quo and working in silos. Speed, customer experience, relevancy, growth, new customers… They all are linked to each other. You can open a bank account in 8 minutes with Number26 or book a place in 5 minutes with Airbnb. So why are you still being asked for your needs when you enter your bank or for your preferences at your favorite hotel? Legacy information systems were not designed to answer high-speed and agility needs, that is why you should leave them where they are but build around them with transverse data teams. They are the ones who, with a microservices architecture, will capture the data on legacy systems mixed with data from other sources - from customer accounts to social networks.  You don’t need another Watson but a simple dashboard with data that allows you to grow rapidly and efficiently."

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash