Captain Dash's solution for Unibail-Rodamco

How Captain Dash answered Unibail-Rodamco's needs, interview with Julien Marlot, Head of CX Digital Solutions. "A first dashboard is finalized and deployed on 65 malls with digital KPIs: from social networks, mobile apps to websites and a second dashboard coming up soon focusing on key features to boost the usage rate." - Julien Marlot, Head of CX Digital Solutions.

Unibail-Rodamco & Captain Dash from Captain Dash on Vimeo.

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La solution Captain Dash pour Unibail-Rodamco

Comment Captain Dash a su répondre aux besoins d’Unibail-Rodamco, rencontre avec Julien Marlot, IT Digital Marketing "Un premier dashboard sur 65 centres autour des KPIs digitaux : réseaux sociaux, applications mobiles et sites web, et un prochain sur les fonctionnalités clés dont nous voulons booster l’usage. » - Julien Marlot, IT Digital Marketing à Unibail-Rodamco

Unibail-Rodamco & Captain Dash from Captain Dash on Vimeo.

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Le dashboard, véritable outil de pilotage financier

Face à un changement radical des modèles business, le pilotage financier d’une organisation devient de plus en plus compliqué, alors devons-nous pour autant complexifier les outils dédiés à ce pilotage ? Bizarrement non !

L’évidence c’est que finalement les indicateurs à mettre en oeuvre se doivent d’être simples et pertinents donc plus efficaces. Il faut être capable de donner une vision dynamique de la santé de son business, en temps réel et le plus près du terrain, car seule cette approche permet les prises de décisions rapides nécessaires aujourd’hui dans nos métiers.

Alors comment procéder ?

Tout d’abord, définir des KPIs qui soient basiques et parlants, ne pas chercher à charger la barque mais miser sur l’utilité et l’usage pour mieux évaluer et valoriser les actions. Bâtir ensuite des dashboards souples, simples et modulables permettant d’avoir une vision financière précise, parlante et facile à analyser, il en va de l’efficacité des décisions.

Vue de l’esprit ?

Non ! Chez Captain Dash nous sommes guidés par une philosophie affirmée, faire compliqué ne signifie pas être efficace alors faisons simple, beau et utile pour mieux réussir car seules l’excellence opérationnelle et l’agilité doivent nous “driver”.

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De : Bertrand Verret, Leader des ventes et du revenu au sein de Captain Dash

The dashboard, a real tool for finance

As we are facing drastic changes in business models, driving the finances of an organization can become more and more complex. But does it means that we have to make complex tools to manage it? Surprisingly… Not!

The key is to choose simple and relevant indicators to be more efficient. This is critical in order to give a dynamic vision of your business, in real time and in all transparency. Only this approach will enable quick and efficient decisions.

So how to do that?

First, we need to define basic and meaningful KPIs rather than trying to fill up your dashboards with tons of KPIs. We must think of the usefulness and the usage of each KPI to better evaluate and increase the value from your actions. Then, we have to build flexible and simple dashboards for a precise financial vision that is easy to understand and analyze. We can then talk about efficient decision-making.

Wishfull thinking?

No! At Captain Dash, we are guided by a strong philosophy: simplicity is a key to be efficient. We believe in simplicity, beauty and usefulness to better succeed. Only operational excellence, efficient and quick decision-making should drive us all.

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash

Data is the new paradigm of marketing

The homo numericus produces in two days what the homo sapiens produced from his birth to the 50’s. This is a complete change of world. 90% of the data produced by humans and machines is not exploited!

50 years ago, we invented the concept of branding. The ability for brands to create a universe where the consumer does no longer buy the functional value of the product but an emotional value, a unique experience to get him through his daily life. This is the way to create an imaginary value that overruns the functional value of a product and this is the true definition of marketing.

Today, data allows us to go further, which is the everyday life of brands such as Tesla, Apple or Runkeeper - to create a unique experience of consumption with data. Each contact made with the brand creates data that is the key for marketers to offer a new experience and engage their customers. Collecting and visualizing the good data generated will help companies to develop and maintain new relationships with individuals, based on a mutual exchange.

Data est definitely the new paradigm of marketing.

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Written by: Bruno Walther, Co-founder & CEO of Captain Dash

Driving your operational excellence to the top!

2016 is not very far away.It’s the perfect time to think about New Year's resolutions. What about driving your operational excellence to the top?

Operational excellence is a major element of organizational leadership.

It involves the application of a variety of principles, systems and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. But more than that, it is a continuous improvement journey, a philosophy, a culture, and data is its catalyst. Once the journey has been defined from mapping current and future stakes to creating the framework and execution plan, you need to identify which data can be quickly retrieved to track your efforts and help you generate performance.

This goal has two core principals: First, data and KPI’s need to be accessible everywhere and visible by everyone, this is what we call a Data Democratization! Second, measurement and data are here to track your efforts and alert you when strange events or wrong behaviors occur. We call this a Data Continuous Improvement.

When these two elements are reunited, we can then talk about operational excellence, offering to all your teams the real vision of your business. You can let them track what is good and what is wrong with only one purpose : to improve your business and efficiency.

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Written by: Bertrand Verret, Chief Revenue Officer at Captain Dash

Sexy Data = Smart Data + Beautiful Data

At Captain Dash we believe that data is sexy. Data is smart enough to tell a story and beautiful enough to delight your senses. Or at least it can be all those things. Smart Data

The world is already overwhelmed with data and the number of devices producing data outnumbers humans. This number is all set to explode by 2020.

What this means is that data is not going away and it IS the future.

As data has increased everyone has jumped on to the bandwagon of creating metrics. Everyone wants to know every possible thing that data can tell him or her.

As a generation we have become pros at adding performance metrics to as many things as possible – our health, our businesses, dating sites, even our social interactions!

But these metrics are just numbers again without the right context and the right vision. This is where story telling comes in. All the data that you or your business generate can tell a fascinating story when the right KPIs are applied to this data along with supporting facts, understandable charts and finally correlation.

Beautiful Data

Humans are visual beings. Not only do we judge people and things based on how they look but we digest information in matters of seconds when represented visually as opposed to the minutes or hours it would take to read it or listen to it. On top of that it is easier for us to retain a picture over a book.

So, of course visualizing data is key. But visualizations needn’t be boring pie charts. Visualizations should be harmonious, sleek and impactful!

They should make the viewer stop and spend time on them.

Sexy data

When you combine these two elements, the correct data with beautiful visual representations of it’s story, you have on your hands what we call sexy data.

This is the kind of data that is intuitive, hits the mark and is appealing to look at.

Going forward, the success of data depends entirely on turning the vastness and complexity of data into something simple and intuitive enough to attract its viewers.

Hence, how sexy your data is depends on how smart and beautiful you make it!

Written By: Meghna Verma