CEO Simplify your management


The days when you had to deal with tons of reports filling up your mailbox are over

With the Captain Dash app, you have access to the information you need to understand your business and make the right decisions.

On your mobile device, you have the numbers for understanding where you need to devote special attention.

On your iPhone, you have the figures you need to test your intuitions.

By having a unified view of your data, you are sending a clear message to your employees: you need to break the silo mentality and coordinate your management around the same objectives.


A new management experience 

Real-time information that can be viewed at a glance giving you the constant support you need to manage operations. Available on your mobile devices, tablets, computer and in your data rooms.

Time savings and greater efficiency 

If you know how to use an iPhone, you will be soon feel comfortable using your dashboards. You do not waste time reading reports where your managers provide a series of slides to justify themselves. The reports are easier to read and provide greater clarity, thereby delivering accurate information and stimulating collective intelligence.

Happy employees

Happiness at work also means having a good understanding of one's business and enjoying using elegant products. The inspiration provided will transform your employees into mini-CEOs. They will do incredible things..

Question your employees directly using your Dashboard.

A message function allows you to send a figure or a graph directly to an employee from your app. You interact and speed up the decision-making process.

A data room

Captain Dash allows you to view your data from an iPhone to a datawall. You can install an image wall in your office where you can monitor your main indicators in real-time. You have your own dedicated Bloomberg channel.

With Captain Dash, it’s simple, readable and makes you want to use the data. It helps in the decision-making process and in taking action
— Catherine Reljvic, BPCE