Sales: ensure that your teams are singing from the same hymn sheet with a dashboard that guarantees your bonuses.


All the indicators that affect sales are grouped together in one place. It does not matter where they come from.

What matters is that your sales representatives have a dashboard they can use to understand the sales cycle, optimise the transformation process and find ideas for boosting the pipeline.

You can get your sales representatives focused on the only goal that really matters: achieving a massive increase in your bonus.


Improved sales organisation

Real-time information that can be viewed at a glance giving your sales representatives the constant support they need. You have a seamless view of your sales organisation. It is available on mobile devices, tablets, computers and in a data room, thereby fostering a positive sense of emulation.

Time savings and greater efficiency

If your sales representatives know how to use an iPhone, they will be soon feel comfortable using your dashboards. They are more legible, offer greater clarity and will save time for your sales teams. You will no longer miss out on opportunities because of slow response times.

Happy employees

Happiness at work also means having a good understanding of one's business and enjoying using elegant products. When they are inspired, your staff will do incredible things.

Retake power

You will be able to work independently of your IT department. Produce and distribute your Dashboards yourself.

A data room

Captain Dash allows you to view your data from an iPhone to a datawall. You can install an image wall in your office where you can monitor your main indicators in real-time. You have your own dedicated Bloomberg channel.

We improve our sales by 13%
— John Gertzmeir, BASF