have a Dashboard that turns your marketing into a profit centre


All of your data is dynamically synchronised in a single display, whether it comes from your IT system or from external partners (Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.). 

You have an efficient dashboard that shows you the performance of your marketing actions. You can optimise them over time and demonstrate the ROI of your operations.


Data driven

Real-time information that can be viewed at a glance giving you the constant support you need to manage your marketing. It is available on your mobile devices, tablets, computer and in your data rooms, so that you are always connected to your marketing actions.

Time savings and greater efficiency

If you know how to use an iPhone, you will be soon feel comfortable using your dashboards. They are more legible, offer greater clarity and will help you to be more effective.

Don’t waste time collecting your data.

The marketing world has moved into the API era. All the data can now be retrieved by robots. You no longer have to waste many hours gathering data. You can focus on the essentials: the deployment and success of your marketing plan.

Happy employees

Happiness at work also means having a good understanding of one's business and enjoying using elegant products. Your employees will be able to forget about extractions using a pool of data, Excel columns and rows, and PowerPoint presentations swamped in figures. When they are inspired, your staff will do incredible things.

Claim back power

You will be able to work independently of your IT department. Produce and distribute your Dashboards yourself.

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