IT management: give your business units an intuitive tool that speaks their language


Your department is overwhelmed by requests for reports from your business units that seem to ignore the complexity of an IT infrastructure and the security constraints.

With Captain Dash, you can give them a solution that they can use to produce their own reports using industrial methods.

You maintain control over the security and integrity of the data.


A new management experience

Updated real-time figures, which can be viewed at a glance, to provide the business units with the ongoing support they need to simplify their lives. Available on mobile devices, tablets, computers and in your data rooms.

A hybrid solution: on-site and cloud data

Depending on the sensitivity of the data, it can remain within your infrastructure or be transferred to a private cloud. It's up to you.

Happy employees

Happiness at work also means having a good understanding of one's business and enjoying using elegant products. Captain Dash gathers information using the directory of your employees and integrates perfectly with your inspired collaborative tools, in order to achieve incredible things.

Autonomous business units that respect IT constraints

Put a stop to Data Anarchy. The business units independently construct their own reports while allowing the IS department to maintain control over the security and integrity of the data.

A data room

Captain Dash allows you to view your data from an iPhone to a datawall. You can install an image wall in your office where you can monitor your main IT indicators in real-time.