Executive Team

Captain Dash's management team is comprised of experts from the business world and the digital transformation and technology domains.. 


Gilles Babinet

Chairman, Partner

Gilles is a multi-entrepreneur. He has founded nine companies.

He is the "digital champion" of France at the European Commission, responsible for digital economy issues and in charge of promoting the benefits of a digital society in France.

Gilles Babinet is also a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of EY Consulting, formerly known as Ernst & Young.

He wrote "The Digital Age, New Age of Humanity" and "Big Data: an alternative view of mankind"



Bruno Walther

C.E.O, Partner

Bruno is a marketing geek. Self-taught, he participated in the production of the "blue planet is no longer responding" and "ideal city" video games at the age of 14. He created several agencies and managed FCB, OglivyOne in Paris taking on the responsibility for the campaigns of international brands such as Nestlé, Danone, IBM, etc.

His passion for the world of data and dashboards has lasted for almost 10 years. He is convinced that a good dashboard can change the perception of the world.



Bertrand Verret

Chief Revenue Officer, Partner

Bertrand is a sales specialist in consulting and technology firms, as well as in managing and organising teams.

As the former VP of Business Development at Dachis Group and Forrester Research Europe, Bertrand has been advising high-level executives on SaaS solutions to address every issue in the area of technology, marketing and the consumer.