In data we trust

We believe that data is a revolution. A revolution best decribed by the term Copernican. A change of axis, of perspective.

Yesterday data was scarce and inaccessible. Today all activities generate data. It has become abundant and easily accessible.

We are moving from a world where decisions taken were based on strong beliefs and necessarily subjective of a more objective and pragmatic world.

We can now make decisions based on facts as well as on beliefs.


We believe in the complementarity between man and computer

The human and the machine have neither the same needs nor the same capacity.

A basic computer could beat Garry Kasparov at chess, a game that requires a systematic calculation of the best strategy to move pieces, with clear rules and no emotional value at play. On the other hand, when asked to identify the image of a cat, despite using more than 16,000 core processors, Google could get it right only 75% of the time.

If Google could barely recognize a cat then how can we expect that a computer will be able to understand the complexity that founded the brand preference or buying decision.

The consumer is ambiguous and complex. He has feelings that grow to love or hate a brand or product, often in an irrational manner.

That is why we think it is useless to ask a machine to do what a human can do very well, and vice versa!

We believe in the complementarity of the human - machine couple.

Our robots make beautiful dashboards. But it is our customers, the humans, who offer the insights and make the decisions.

Our mission is not to ask an algorithim to think in place of a human. But rather to provide the human all the components he needs for better thinking.


Detail 3

The world of data is dominated by marketing complexity. To be serious and robust it must be  complicated or so the biggest players of this world seem to tell us. The interface is difficult to manipulate, KPIs often incomprehensible, ACRONYMS abound ...

The result is that users do not always use the data and tools out of fear of not understanding or looking like idiots.

Us, we believe that simplicity is always better than complexity.

We banish the acronyms, create indicators that are easy to understand and develop b-to-b applications which are as easy to use as consumer apps.

Our mission is to democratize the use of data in companies by being simple and pedagogical.


Less Data is more

The trend today is to accumulate, augument and analyze more and more data.

Bulimic data and the proliferation of indicators create obese organizations and inflated thought processes.

The challenge is not to accumulate infinite data sources but to successfully integrate and understand the data from the legacy data and the interactions with consumers on digital.

The priority is not to increase the indicators. But to align organizations and men around a limited number of indicators that are well understood.

We believe in the blueprint for data. A form of data minimalism that thins out the indicators to reveal the issues.

Our mission is to fight against data obesity.


Your Dashboard is Your Story

Your business has a story to tell and data is the alphabets of that story.

A dashboard is not just a tool into which one feeds numbers and copious amounts of excel sheets to be crunched and turned into graphs and charts for analysis.

It is a resource that sifts through and unscrambles these alphabets to tell your story.

And more than a story it is a story in the making. With every passing minute and every decision made this story changes course.

We believe a dashboard puts the power of controlling the course of this story in your hands. Your past and present are laid out infront of you as are the various paths you can take thus making it possible for you to make an informed decision about where you want to steer your business.