Micro-learning & gamification

In partnership with Snack Learning Academy, we integrate micro-learning and gamification features at the heart of our apps. Users train and improve their skills by consulting the indicators.


Neuroscience demonstrates that the brain is unable to focus a great deal of attention for a long period of time. Micro-learning methods present content in short bursts. If you are free for 90 seconds, you can learn something new. The employees decide where and when and for how long they will learn. In this way, the training course becomes appealing, fast and is perfectly suited to a busy schedule.



As with a sports application, when micro-learning methods are combined with the dashboard, the result is challenging, rewarding and arouses curiosity. It's the perfect mix to keep motivation and attention levels high for a long period of time. You can earn badges that reward your expertise and get colleagues to confront each other in a skills duel.