Operation: have a unique view of your operations in order to deliver operational excellence


You have a unique view of your operations. Whether your data comes from inside or outside your organisation, we synchronise it for you.

With the Captain Dash app, you have access to the information you need to understand your operations.

You can make decisions and share information based on facts, not intuitions.


A new operational management experience

Real-time information that can be viewed at a glance giving you the constant support you need to manage the operations. Available on your mobile devices, tablets, computer and in your data rooms.

Time savings and greater efficiency

If you know how to use an iPhone, you will be soon feel comfortable using your dashboards. They are more legible, offer greater clarity and will help you to be more effective.

Happy employees singing from the same hymn sheet

Happiness at work also means having a good understanding of one's business and enjoying using elegant products. Your employees have the same figures. Working as a team, they will do incredible things.

Claim back power

You will be able to work independently of your IT department. Produce and distribute your Dashboards yourself.