The dashboard at the service of the studies


 A lot is expected of you. People want reports that are easy to read and can be generated quickly. They are often unaware of the inertia of existing tools and the complexity of your data structure.

With Captain Dash, you have a tool that synchronises all your data in a single view. Whether the data comes from within or outside the company. Whether it is in your legacy, a csv file or in an API. You have a builder for quickly industrialising engaging dashboards that are easy to read.

You can focus on your real added value: defining and analysing your indicators. You are no longer just a centre for producing reports. Instead, you are a full-blown business partner.


A new management experience

You deliver real-time information that can be viewed at a glance giving your business units the constant support they need.  It is available on the mobile phones, tablets, computers and data rooms of the business units that you support.

Business units that save time

If your business units know how to use an iPhone, they will be soon feel comfortable using your dashboards. Thanks to their superior legibility and clarity and given your expertise in the domain, they will be able to extract all the essential data.

The end of manual reporting

You have better things to do than spending hours manually producing reports. Get robots to gather the data and dynamically produce the reports. You will be able to use the time saved to provide analyses to the business units.