Executive Team


Gilles Babinet

Chairman, Partner

Gilles is a multi-entrepreneur, founder of 9 companies.

He is the « digital champion » for France at the European Commission, in charge of the digital economy challenges and the promotion of the advantages for a digital society in France. 

He’s also member of the strategic board at EY (formerly Ernst & Young).

He is the author of « Digital Era, a new age for humanity » and « Big Data, think human being differently »



Bruno Walther

C.E.O, Partner

Bruno is a marketing geek.

A self-made man, Bruno took part in developing the « la planète bleue ne répond plus » videogame at the age of 14. 

He created several advertising agencies and ran FCB, OgilvyOne in Paris, he was in charge of campaigns for international brands like Nestlé, Danone, IBM, Motorola … 

He has a passion for the Data universe, and for dashboards for 10 years. He absolutely believes that a good dashboard can change the perception we have of the world.


Mounir Benchemled

C.T.O, Partner

Mounir is a tech-entrepreneur since 2007.

Data has transformed his life. He thinks data is a tool helping us to understand ourselves and imagine the future.

Strongly Business solution oriented, he has a passion for technologies that maximize impact creation for users.

Angel Hack ambassador, he is convinced that code creation can change the world.


Bertrand Verret

Chief Revenue Officer, Partner

Bertrand specializes in consulting & technology sales specialist, as well as management and team organization.

Former VP Business Development at Dachis Group and Forrester Research Europe, he was a C-level executive advisor in SaaS solutions to address technology, marketing and customer challenges.