Custom solutions

 Need a solution to visually manage your data but you don't know how to go about it?
How do you give shape to the need?
What team can you rely on?

You need to act fast, become more agile and keep control of your costs.

Captain Dash is here for you.

We place a multi-disciplinary team at your disposal, which operates like a start-up, at your disposal in order to develop dedicated bespoke visual data management solutions.


This is how we do !


We shift the paradigm

We no longer work on the basis of a highly structured expression of needs.

Instead, we immerse ourselves in the challenges your business is facing and we start with the problem you want to resolve.

In the space of a fortnight or one month, we put together a Minimum Viable Product.

We repeat, we pivot

We test, we build, we undo and we adapt. 

We pivot, looking at things a fresh perspective.

We make developments by continually incorporating feedback we receive from your end users.

This is how we can develop a product that is carefully tailored to the needs of your users.

Our organisation: the agile squad

Traditional methods are used to separate and sequence the consulting, project management and development functions. 

We form a squad composed of a coordination team with, depending on the project, a data scientist, a developer and a UX designer, who relies on the complementary resources of a business analyst and a designer.


Our unit of time:
the sprint

Our projects are measured in number of sprints. Rather than billing in man-days, we use sprints.

Each sprint lasts 15 days and enables a product breakthrough.

Our secret: take breaks to listen to your users

It has become common practice, even in agile mode, to do a sequence of sprints immediately after one another. This is a mistake.

We take breaks between sprints to take the time to gather feedback from our users.

This is our "magic touch".

Our communication tool:

We do not use email and PowerPoint.

Slack is the ongoing collaborative means used to communicate the project.

This is where we keep all the discussions and updates on the product.